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Job Planner

A visual work calendar displaying historic, current and future jobs

Keeping track of Jobs

Replace your white board and plan your jobs online.

The Job Planner is colour coded for easy viewing. View by Debtor or Employee and add other options and filters to customise your information.

Record and view specific shed and job notes - no. of stands, facilities, sheep numbers and job types and so on.

Print to pdf and send out to the team.

Integrated & Up-to-Date

The Job Planner is fully integrated with your Employees, Debtors and Tally Sheets.

Ability to bulk load employees as teams or gangs for quick entry and management.

  • Add jobs directly to the planner to create new tally sheets

  • Add employees singly or as a team

  • Plan ahead so all staff know what they are doing

  • Easily plan your workflow to identify and fill any unwanted downtime

  • View historic jobs to plan new staffing level requirements

  • Easily add and remove staff as required

  • Easier to confirm your availability to farmers

Saves time and makes work planning easier.

All historic jobs are assessible at anytime.

Job / Tally Sheet planner shown by Debtor