eBiz - Go Mobile

(an optional module)

A web-based application for 'on-the-go' tally sheet entry
and Health & Safety management

eBiz - Keeping it Simple:

The eBiz interface is easy and intuitive to use with straight forward screens and options

No special software or equipment is required

Simply log in via your laptop, iPad, mobile phone or other web capable device.


With eBiz you can manage your tallies from anywhere that you can access the internet.

  • Enter the tallies from the work site

  • Record notes

  • Manage staff and work codes

  • Manage Health & Safety (only available if the Health & Safety module has been purchased)


eBiz connects directly to the Paybiz server in the office, so the information displayed is always up-to-date with no need for uploading or synchronizing.

The office will have the tally sheet information immediately, improving productivity and streamlining processes.

Save Time - Greater Accuracy
  • No more frustrations trying to decipher hand written tally sheets and chasing missing information.
  • You can pre-enter the staff and pay types (work codes) before the team head out to the site, leaving your supervisor to simply enter the numbers.
  • Being online, eBiz lets your supervisor enter the tallies for the day, whether on the road or back at home, giving them greater responsibility and ownership of their teams.
  • You can easily check the tallies as they are entered using the Tally Sheet option in Paybiz.

Imagine sending the invoices before your team even returns to home base!