Paybiz Features

Here's a SNAP shot of the many features - take a look below.


Payroll Features
  • Unlimited Staff Records (Paybiz LITE allows a maximum of 25 employees)

  • Unlimited pay codes/rates, before-tax allowances, after-tax allowances and deductions

  • Special rates calculations for shearers and shedhands

  • Integrated Base rate calculator

  • Add % increases / decreases of rates for live-in etc.

  • Add Bonus % payments on top of current rates per job

  • Automatic PAYE, PAYG, student loan and earners premium calculations

  • Automatic Super and Kiwi Saver

  • Holiday and sick leave calculations

  • Automatic holiday payments for casual staff

  • Auto-adjusting Child Support net earnings

  • Auto generate payslips for wage and salary staff

  • Holidays paid or accrued

  • Direct credit to bank

  • Pays can be allocated to several pay methods

  • Pay per shed or pay per period

  • Year to date Payslip lookup

  • Staff / Client / Rates history by date or code

  • All history automatically updated and accessible

  • Direct credit file created for banking export

  • IRD and ATO file export (.csv file)

  • SuperStream file export (.csv file)

  • Add staff draws, advances and standing payments

  • Single entry processing to automatically create employee payslips and debtor invoices

  • View / add new staff details from within tally sheet screen

  • Add notes to individual and/or all payslips

  • View / print wage cost analysis per shed

Payroll Reports
  • Standard and custom reports available

  • Payslip summary reports by date

  • View / print payment schedule for banking

  • Report on wage costs by date, tally sheet or client code

  • Pay type analysis reports

  • PAYE, PAYG reports

  • Holiday leave reports

  • Staff Income statements

  • Average daily pay reports

  • IRD and ATO approved reports

  • Deductions, Allowances reports

  • Superannuation contribution reports

  • Year to date reports for pays, PAYE, PAYG, allowances, deductions, holidays etc

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Debtors and Invoicing Features
  • View all details of Client and sales history

  • Create invoices, receipts, journals

  • Contract or Cost-Plus invoices

  • View / print client aged trial balances and statements

  • View / print history of all invoices and payments

  • Batch invoice printing

  • More than one period can be worked on at the same time

  • Un-invoice facility for invoice amendments

  • Automatic ACC or Work Cover charges if applicable

  • Set standing charges per Debtor or tally sheet

  • Set individual Debtor custom rates

  • Specify individual client due dates and interest charges

  • View / add debtor details from within tally sheet screen

  • Single tally sheet entry automatically creates debtor invoice

  • Add mileage, equipment hire etc

Debtor and Invoicing Reports
  • Standard and custom reports available

  • Client list report

  • Invoices outstanding

  • Aged trial balances

  • Invoice / Receipts reports

  • Period balances

  • Current and historical Statements

  • Banking report for payments

  • Gross profits reports per invoice

  • Reports can be exported to Excel, PDF etc

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cashbook and Banking Features
  • Unlimited transactions

  • GST calculator and reports

  • Single entry updates Debtors and/or Creditors

  • Set up for standing payments, weekly, fortnightly or monthly

  • Import or create Bank Statements to monitor cashflow

  • Manually or auto-allocate payments and receipts

  • Lookup, edit facility for any transaction by date

  • Running Cashbook, bank and GST totals

  • Transfer funds between banks

  • Create bank deposit slip

  • Export facility for online banking

Cashbook and Banking Reports
  • Standard and custom reports available

  • GST reports

  • Bank reconciliation reports

  • Period balances

  • Cash forecast of sales and expenditure

  • Cashflow report

  • Unpresented transactions report

  • Automatic / Standing payments report

  • Reports can be exported to Excel, PDF and email